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Feedback from the MND-Intensive Workshop

The MND Intensive Workshop is a premium 3-day weekend mini-retreat. You can learn more and look for available dates on this page here.

“Thanks so much for this weekend Karl. I can honestly say it’s the best event I’ve ever attended. Really quite life changing. I just can’t stop smiling! As you know I’ve worked in the pharma industry and in medical research all my adult life (over 20 years). I listen to professors , doctors and experts talk about their research on a daily basis, their theories and their answers. Never does that actually start from the body…it’s always ‘medical condition then solution’. Never have I seen someone join up the dots like you do. This is what you did for me this weekend.

You know your stuff Karl. You debunk myths in a way I’ve never seen even a doctor with 30 years of expertise do, because you join up the dots. Honestly Karl. If I could ‘bottle you’ and have you speak at every medical seminar in the land I would…hell if I could bottle you and have you speak to every doctor in the land it would change the face of healthcare. You have such passion and drive I just know you will be successful in what you’re doing. The world needs to get back to the basics of life and hear your message. Thanks Karl. You are a true force to behold.” – Dr T, UK. PhD in Pharmacology.

“This is the best weekend I have EVER had. Seriously. Yes I’ve had great weekends but this beats them all, because it’s life-changing!”

“Life changing, I came with questions and decisions that I needed to make, and I found the answers. Feeling completely different about life and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I knew this seminar would help me and it surely did. You NEVER fail to deliver Karl - love yo loads! x” - Mrs V, Midlands, UK.

“Awesome!” - Jacquie, UK.

“Fast, dynamic and fun!”


“Everything was brilliant.”

“My words won’t do justice to this weekend’s “Ready, Willing and Able” intensive seminar. I thought the 1-day seminar was great (so I did it twice), but this….this just blew it out of the park. My comfort zones were stretched, both mentally and physically. My mind was blown several times. I’m feeling pretty head f*cked tonight so I need to go to bed and digest it all. All I can say is I really want to change my life and Karl, Stuart and Trish have given me everything I need to accomplish it. Karl gave his usual 150%, the man is unstoppable - I love him because of his energy, enthusiasm and love. He is so generous with his knowledge, he wants to change the world.
Now, it’s up to me… watch this frikkin’ space. I rise to your challenge Mr Whitfield. The new me is already on its way!
It was also fantastic to spend time with some lovely like-minded people. You guys are lovely, funny, wonderful people. I hope to spend time with you again. I’m off to bed, 5am start tomorrow.
1luv xxx”

“I have just arrived back home from the most amazing weekend I have ever invested my time in.
Thank you again Karl, Trish and Stuart - you are truly awesome and beyond inspiring. And to spend this weekend with such beautiful people, my fellow attendees, it was an honour to share the weekend with you all.
I feel so empowered, stronger (especially having beaten Karl at breathless squats!), able and ready. Ready to take myself to the next level and completely enjoy the journey!!
Here’s what I want to tell you all: The life that I, and each and every one of us, have been given is a true gift. If we don’t embrace and love this gift, develop and use our love to create a better world, we would be kicking Mother Nature in the teeth.”

“Loved the energy and support, bonding with others and learning all the MND ways”

“Just got back from a 2 day workshop with Karl Whitfield and MotherNaturesDiet.
What an amazing weekend!
The information given was mind blowing. I have never seen anyone go into diet, exercise, gut function and disease prevention in SO much detail.
Absolutely fantastic, and worth every single penny.
Food supplied by the lovely and very talented Trish Tucker-May and Passion4Juice.
Any of my Leicester/Rugby friends please check out MND Fitness with Stuart Humber!
Go and take a look!”

Stu 24

“An awesome weekend on so many levels! Thank you so much Karl Whitfield, Trish Tucker-May and Stuart Humber. I’ve learnt so much, been challenged physically and emotionally, laughed, cried and feel honoured to share it with you all. You are all amazing people and look forward to taking this journey to the next level with you all. X”

“Mind blown!”

“I felt so incredibly content and I will embrace that feeling amongst all the other things I have experience for the last 2 days.”

“I am so fired up from the weekend’s course. I can’t stop thinking (or talking) about it. I’ve got so much stuff to look into, research and learn about. I’ve been ordering books this morning. I am so changing my whole life right now…..I feel like I’m on fire. I’m so excited about all the positive steps I’m taking. I urge you, please, please, please get in on this stuff NOW. I’m pretty sure that last weekend will prove to be a monumental moment of my life. I learnt so much more than just eating well, so much more. It was extraordinary, life changing stuff and worth every penny and more. These seminars and events won’t stay at these prices for long and you cannot put a price on your health and your life. It has to come first. I nearly missed this amazing experience, but I didn’t, it was meant to be. More people need to share these experiences xx”

“What can I say that hasn’t already been said.
I have been to six 1-day MND seminars, spent days in the mountains on walk and talks, even spent a week in Chamonix with Karl Whitfield, but yet again I have come away from this 2 day workshop with all kinds of emotions from laughter, tears, sorrow, joy, excitement and passion.
Just a remarkable weekend. I think if people who attend these 2 day workshops paid what they believed the weekend was worth, Karl would make a lot, LOT more money than he actually charges!  You can’t really put a price tag on the value. Thank you so much guys. It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with everyone one of you.
Can’t wait until the next.”

“I have had the most mind blowing weekend with Karl Whitfield and his MND (Mother Nature’s Diet) I wish with all my freaking big heart, that all you people out there who recognise that you want to live life to the fullest and to respect and feed your organs with food that’s good for your body and mind, and to incorporate exercise, just do me a favour and look at his website and see for yourself. It’s not what you think it is and from my heart I can honestly say, that this has been one of the best weekends ever. Filled with lots of laughter, some home truths, dealing with uncomfortable issues, exercise, food that tastes great and is so very healthy, lots about the guts and that itself was bloody mind blowing. Right that’s me, just felt so strongly that I needed to let you all know, what your missing!”

“I don’t have a lot of head space after being blown away at the weekend…but I just needed to touch base. A huge thank you to you all and especially Karl Whitfield for making this weekend so incredible.
I have learnt so much more than I expected. I have been inspired by you all. What a brilliant journey we are all on, growing, stretching, learning, sharing. Challenging each other and ourselves.
Thank you to you all for making my birthday the best one EVER! I plan on having the best year EVER and with you all in my life I feel richer, stronger, fitter, happier and more inspired than ever. Do your vision boards! They are a beautiful way to realise and make real your goals.”

“Back home now after a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much to Karl, Stuart and Trish for an unbelievable two days!
Wow, just wow.
When, not if, Karl puts on another 2 day workshop again, GO!!!!! It’s worth every single penny!”

“Yet again another life changing weekend. I have so much to say, but just haven’t got the mental space to express it tonight!
Just spend the last 3 hours going over a few of the things I have discovered about myself this weekend.”

“Awesome weekend. I’ve laughed, cried and learnt so much about my life. So much more still to come and lots to take away and think about for the future. Thanks Karl, Stuart and Trish xxxx”

The MND Intensive Workshop is a premium 3-day weekend mini-retreat. You can learn more and look for available dates on this page here.


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