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What’s your reason why? And is it strong enough…

Why do you want to be healthy?
Why should you eat well, exercise, get an early night, drink more water, drink less booze, eat your veggies, cut down on the hedonistic lifestyle, manage your stress, join a yoga class, go running and lift a few weights?
Why would you do all that?
What’s your motivation?
What’s your reason why?

Maybe you want ‘the body beautiful’ - whatever that means to you.
Maybe you want to get your hands on someone else’s body beautiful!
Maybe you want to be bursting with energy.
Perhaps you are striving to resist the signs of ageing.
Maybe you have a family history of ill health and you are making every effort not to follow that line.
Perhaps you want to improve your performance in your chosen sport.
Maybe you want to avoid ill health, the decline of serious illness that comes later in life.

There are plenty of reasons to engage in a healthy lifestyle - do you know what yours is?

Thinking time…

That last question…

Do you know what yours is?

Did you have to think about it, or did the answer scream itself at you inside your head in an instant? Does the answer permanently burn in your mind day and night, or did you read my suggestions and think “Oh yes, well I suppose it’s a little bit of all of those really…”?

Honestly, if your motivation isn’t burning in your soul day and night, if your reason why isn’t screaming at you daily, then I’ll bet you are struggling sticking to the healthy lifestyle behaviours that you know, intellectually, you should stick to. Knowing stuff intellectually just isn’t enough, you need to know it in your heart, in your soul, you need to be emotionally connected to your reason why, or you just won’t stick it out.


I have written about this for you before.

I believe that for most people who are not making the progress they want to make, they are just too comfortable where they are. They are not uncomfortable enough to make the changes.

I have also written before about the dangers of not saying yes often enough, of being trapped in ever-shrinking comfort zones, of thinking life is all about ‘playing it safe’.

And I have encouraged you to dream big, set audacious goals and work hard to avoid apathy, the secret killer.

If you are not following the simple, easy, healthy lifestyle advice that truly you know you should be following, ask yourself why?

Are you comfortable?
Are you stuck in your own comfort zones?
Are you not dreaming big enough?
Is apathy holding you down?

It all comes down to one thing - your reason why.

In my experience, I find few people have a truly strong reason why. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who was super motivated, I mean really into healthy living, really associated with their goals, who - when I ask - said their primary goal was “To not develop cancer” - yet every week of my life I talk with patients living under the curse of cancer and they would do anything, I mean absolutely anything, to free their body of that damned disease.

I have said before - you have to take your health seriously, before something serious takes your health.

So, the message today is simple - what’s your why?

Why eat the veggies and leave the ice cream?
Why drink more water and less booze?
Why turn off the TV and go get more exercise?

I meet so, so many people every week who say they “had good intentions” but “stuff happened” and they had a blow out, ate the junk food, skipped the gym, got drunk…good people, honest people, smart people, kind people, nice people. They want to lose weight, they want to feel fitter, they want to be healthier, they just don’t have a strong enough reason why.

The world is full of sugar, and junk food, booze, TV shows and comfortable sofas. These distractions and dietary downfalls are everywhere, they are the “default setting” of 21st century life in the modern Western world. To give in and take them all is, sadly, normal. To resist them all takes effort, and courage, and motivation.

What’s your motivation? What’s your reason why?

To your good health!

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  1. Very good blog Karl!


    October 18, 2021

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