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Mothering the Human Race

What is this post about?

If you want to know what MND is all about…this is it. This is fundamentally important.

We, all of us, used to be fed, nourished, by the mother figure in our household. Now we are all-too-often fed by Food Companies.

Our mothers care deeply for our good health. Food companies care about making a profit.

Food companies are not ‘educated’ in healthcare, nor motivated by the health and longevity of their customers.

This change in the structure of our society is at the root of much of what has gone wrong, in my opinion, this is a fundamental cause of the obesity epidemic and rising rates of poor health.

This topic has come up a few times over the last week or two, so I thought I should address it today.

The shift to microwave meals

I was writing about this the other day, there has been a massive cultural shift over the last 40 or 50 years, since the liberated times of the ’60s really, and the boom in consumer electronics in the ‘70s, we’ve seen the rise of convenience foods, the rise of sexual equality, the advent of the microwave and now the rise of the Internet…these trends have shifted women from the home to the work place (no sexism here, I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, just that it has happened) and we have left “feeding our families” to food companies.

We’ve seen a massive decline in home baking, in the art of real cooking, growing our own food, baking bread, preparing sauces, meats, roasts, pies and pastries…and we have seen a MASSIVE rise in pre-prepared meals, packaged foods, convenience foods. As we watch more celebrity chefs on TV, we seem less capable as a nation of preparing our own fresh, basic, healthy meals. We had the advent of microwave ovens, programmable cookers, it’s all led to less “motherly involvement” in cooking, and more “relying on food companies” to feed our families, our children.

The rise of the Internet, coincides with going from the 3 TV channels I grew up with, to the 600 available now, and the rise of “dial for a take away” and pizza delivered by moped. Now people are too busy online to cook. Every day people tell me they don’t have time to cook - they tell me this on Facebook, where they seem to spend several HOURS per day. They say they can’t afford organic food - but they CAN afford broadband and a smartphone.

ALL these trends combine to make a sad situation where we have allowed food companies to take control of feeding us, where it used to be the role of, predominantly, the family mother figure. And then, sadly, in the pursuit of profit, those food companies compete to win our money, so they fill our food with more and more sugar, salt and trans fats, making the food addictive and fattening.

In order to meet the demands of convenience, the food is pumped full of preservatives, colourings, flavourings and this is why we eat so many chemicals today.

The role of feeding us has become ‘a sub-set of the time-pressured, convenience lifestyle’ where it used to be the primary role of the family matriarch. Lower nutrient levels, rising obesity, increased rates of autism, auto-immune disease, T2 Diabetes and more are a long term consequence of this massive shift in cultural behaviour, in my opinion.

We used to be fed by MOTHER, now we are fed by Big Food Inc., and it’s proving to be very costly to our health.

Sexual equality and the price we are ALL paying - men, women and children

As the push for sexual equality freed women from the kitchen, and empowered them to join the work place, it felt like women were rightly being released from ‘menial work’ and given POWER to do more important work. Of course, we can NOW see in hindsight, that to call shopping, cooking and feeding a growing family menial work, and to call salaried office work ‘more important’ is to foolishly VALUE work by the measure of SALARY. If we measured the value of our work by the HEALTH of our great nation instead of measuring the value of our work in pounds and pence, we might realise that in fact, taking women from the home and relinquishing the role of ‘feeder’ has actual demeaned the value of women and cost us all greatly.

Mother Nature - feeding us all

I was lucky enough, a few months ago, at a health seminar I attended…to listen to an excellent presentation which briefly touched on this topic:

This point was made by the most excellent Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, whom I was lucky enough to enjoy several conversations with over the course of the weekend, as luck would have it we were staying in the same hotel, and we chatted over breakfast. I guess this resonated with me SO WELL, because it all fits SO tightly with the MotherNaturesDiet ethos of holistic health and how we – Earth, animals, humans, food, plants – all connect together and what is good for one, is good for all.

Traditional societies: in traditional human societies and tribes, women were responsible for the health of whole nations. Mothers.
Over the last 60 years, food companies have stolen the job, traditional home-made foods have been replaced by processed and convenience food.
The net result is that society is sick. We are wallowing in obesity, disease, lethargy and poor health.

To me, this is FUNDAMENTAL!

Shifts in food production and preparation

Traditional societies the world over, until about 100 years ago, in “almost all human tribes, cultures, nations and countries” lived where the men went OUT to ‘work’ and the women stayed HOME to ‘work’. The men “brought home the bacon” and the women cooked it and raised the babies.shutterstock_31707712

In our “shift to enlightened, EQUALITY modern living” we have evolved a system whereby MANY families now see both parents working OUT away from home, part time or full time, and it seems no one is home working on feeding the family - over the long haul, over the last 100 years, it seems we have given this job to profit-seeking corporations. Wrongly, we have SHIFTED food “production” from back gardens, allotments and kitchen tables, to food COMPANIES.

This is not about pointing a finger at individual working mums, this is about huge ‘whole-of-society’ shifts over a century or more. Go back 150 years, or go look at civilizations (tribes) who still live in traditional ways, and we see the men out hunting (working to bring home the bacon) and the women at home BREAST feeding, kneading their own dough, beating out flat breads, soaking beans…making pies, their own pastry, preparing meats, pulling up veggies, washing and peeling…picking fruit/berries. Until 100 years ago, food packaged in some kind of pre-prepared or pre-cooked convenient way did NOT exist. All families grew their own, and poorer families with limited resources traded in tithe barns and so on.

Mothers used to pass down recipes to their daughters by experiential learning, now we have to look recipes up on the Internet. Learning to nourish your family used to be an honourable and important profession - feeding your family was the MOST important job on Earth! Look at any other species on the planet. That’s all they do, feed and reproduce, but we have now placed ‘nourishment’ low on our priority list, and we are suffering poor health - and fertility issues - as a result.

Now, in modern society in Europe, North America and many other countries, we see MILLIONS of families where food is bought in tins, cans, boxes, cartons - even take-aways, we can’t even be bothered to heat it up! - and while both parents go OUT all day and leave the children to be raised by child minders and after-school clubs. It seems that in the 21st Century, all too many parents lack the time to care for nourishing their children with real food, yet they find the time to take a selfie and update their Facebook status!

We unwittingly changed

This EN MASSE shift in society, has changed us as a species.

The traditional role of WOMEN was to PROVIDE NOURISHMENT to ALL HUMANITY, they did this with REAL WHOLE FRESH NATURAL food (MND promotes a real, whole, fresh, natural food diet) and the role of men was to bring them the ingredients to do this, build the roof over the families head, protect and defend.

Since the Industrial Revolution - WE (the collected, UNWITTING human race in the West/first world) have GIVEN this beautiful, earthy, natural, womanly role of “Earth Mother”, the protector, carer, the very breast of civilization, we have GIVEN this role to a bunch of corporations, driven by profit. WE DID NOT KNOW WE WERE DOING THIS. But it has become the reality. The price we are paying - is cancer, heart disease, diabetes, ALL chronic degenerative disease and inflammatory conditions and the growing obesity epidemic.

This post is not an attack on working mum’s, don’t all post a thousand comments below that “Oh well you don’t know how hard it is to earn a living these days” - yes I damn well do, I work incredibly hard for long hours. This is not an attack on anyone, working mothers, single parents or anyone else. These changes have happened over 100 years across BILLIONS of people - companies, families, governments, we have ALL moved in this thing together, unaware that the changes we were making had such serious consequences.

This isn’t a ‘blame game’, this is a wake-up call to start doing something about it. We need to stop buying processed food, learn to cook again, focus on giving HEALTH some value, we need to eat real food, exercise, reduce debts and stress and learn to cut out all thee pills, supplements, drugs and powders.

This is all UTTERLY 100% in tune with my ethos behind MND - the plague of our world is processed food, and the state of our health is deteriorating the more we separate ourselves from Mother Nature.

How it’s changes, how it all went wrong…

When I was a kid 35 years ago, a packet of spaghetti was “fancy” - now we have an entire aisle just for pasta in every shape and colour!
35 years ago “supplements” was cod liver oil and maybe some kind of ‘cold remedy’ or ‘cold linctus’ and that was about it – now we have entire shops just for hundreds of pills and powders – WAKE UP world, this supplements industry came about like this:

  • People STOP eating real food
  • Food is all processed
  • Nutrition industry was ‘born’ in the mainstream
  • Everyone starts getting fat and sick
  • Nutrition ‘experts’ pulled out their microscopes and looked at every imaginable detail of what is wrong inside all the sick people
  • They identified ALL the little nutrients and bits missing that are causing poor health
  • These ‘missing nutrients’ are the result of all the PROCESSED food being so nutrient-deficient
  • Now they try to sell us boat loads of pills and powders to make up for what the food is lacking

AND it’s STILL not working – because only Mother Nature knows how to package it all in a way that it actually works!

JUST Eat Real FOOD!!!!!! is the answer!

Stay healthy, stay happy!


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