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Olympic Gold running performance!

Olympic Gold…for me!?!?!?!?

Ha ha, I’m playing, of course, as I know that while I’m pretty fit and strong, I’m never likely to compete at sport on the international stage, I’m far too old!

I did come 9th in The Exmoor Marathon a few years ago, 9th overall, but I won it in Vets (aged 40 and above) - that was pretty good!

But here’s an interesting thing, I’ve just been watching a video that a friend shared with me, and it starts out with a very interesting statistic: The winner of Olympic Gold ran the Olympic marathon in 1904 in 3 hours, 28 minutes and 53 seconds. Copenhagen marathon PB aged 40

In 2011, I ran the Copenhagen marathon in 3 hours, 14 minutes and 17 seconds.

If I had put in that run 100 years earlier, I’d have been an Olympic Gold Medallist in my 40s!!!!

AND, in 1904, the Olympic Marathon distance was 1.5 miles shorter! Easy!! I could have hit a 3 hour mara and been a world champ! Gold by a half hour margin!!!

Look at the clothes they wore in 1896 - running the Olympic marathon on a dirt track…compared to how we dress today. Shoe technology, race organisation, supplements, medals, it’s all evolved amazingly. But so have we…WE have evolved. For all the technical wicking t-shirts and runners gels and fancy shoes, there is still no getting away from the fact that I, an ex-fat, ex-20-year-smoker, in my 40s, can run a marathon that 100 years earlier, would have crowned me an Olympic Gold world champion, with half an hour to spare!!!

Fascinating…if you run, read this and FEEL AMAZED about yourself!!! While the world suffers an obesity epidemic on the one hand, for those of us who chose to a healthier lifestyle, incredible physical performance is now ‘the norm’ for us all. olympic marathon distances

If you are interested in ANY sports, I suggest you watch this, it’s an excellent video -

David Epstein: Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?

And it mentions one of my heroes, Killian Journet the endurance trail runner, the video notes his amazing ascent of The Matterhorn.

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