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Who is MotherNaturesDiet for?

  • What is MotherNaturesDiet really all about?
  • Who is this for?
  • What is the goal?

I am often asked what MND is all about, who is it for, who should follow MND and why?

I have spent a long time thinking about it all.

I have dear friends who have pointed out that on the one hand, I ‘preach’ moderation and clean living: I tell people to practice clean eating, to de-stress, I promote calm living in commune with Mother Nature, I tell people to de-stress, relax, walk in the woods, enjoy the mountains, get some fresh air and sunshine and chill out, I recommend that we all pay off our debts, treat our bodies with respect and love more.

Then on the other hand, I myself train like a maniac 5 days per week, I regularly try to motivate you with posts about my tough training sessions. I cycle miles and miles, I run marathons and ultra-marathons, I run over mountains, I rock climb, I have a climbing wall up the side of my house, I have done 1000 push ups in an hour and I throw 250 pound tractor tyres around several times per week.

People say to me “there seems to be a conflict” and I think about this myself, and I have finally figured out what it’s all about.

MotherNaturesDiet is about YOU getting the best from YOUR body, whoever you are, where ever you are, what ever your abilities.

MND is about taking the complex, and making it simple.

“Good health should not cost you anything more than a little discipline and some sweat.”

I do not believe in supplements, superfoods or expensive equipment. MND will never sell supplements - I might sell some books and t-shirts, a seminar or retreat, a bootcamp, workshop or some personal coaching, but I will never be one of those endless supplements companies flogging maltodextrin drinks and vitamin pills. Never.

As I personally age, I am slowly starting to shift my focus away from the high demands that a lot of endurance sport and hard training place on my body, and turning my attention more towards longevity and ensuring I am not another cancer statistic in my 70s. My goal is to live to 108 in robust good health, and to still be up and about keeping busy with a working body when I am over 100 years of age.

So while I do train hard and I have completed lots of ego-boosting physical challenges in recent years, increasingly, I am looking at playing the long game, taking control of my ego and being kinder to my body.

It feels good to have understood this in my own mind now. MotherNaturesDiet likely means one thing to an overweight follower looking to shed 40 pounds and fit in smaller clothes and feel better, and it means something completely different to some muscular hard training young gym rat who wants to win a regional heat of CrossFit games.

But the common thread to all these people, is that MND is a set of ‘laws’ that anyone can follow IN ORDER TO GET THE VERY BEST OUT OF YOUR BODY.

MND was born out of my own personal search for supreme good health, abundant energy and my search for slowing the signs of aging and avoiding long-term degenerative disease.

I have a healthy mistrust for the ‘diet, health and beauty’ industry, and I believe ‘they’ make billions selling confusion and frustration to a bewildered public who just want to look and feel better and not get sick. MND makes sense of it all, cuts through the marketing bullshit and brings you real life results, real life experience and real usable information.

So if I talk about a gruelling workout which included 400 push-ups and 200 burpees and a dozen hard 200m sprints - that doesn’t mean you have to do that too. It is simply the fact that my fitness is currently at that level, and so that is how hard I train in order to push myself to my own personal limit.

12 Core Principles - 3

In order for you to grow, you need to push yourself to your personal limit. If that’s a 30 minute brisk walk, then go for that walk. If your limit is way beyond mine, then you must train to your limit, without destroying your body while you do it!

MND is a set of principles, to help you understand how your body works, and how you can be YOUR BEST, by living in a way that is more closely in tune with Mother Nature. In that light, MND can be for everyone.

The only people MND is NOT for, are the fad diet types. MND is a permanent lifestyle change, a commitment to a healthy way of living for the long term. If all you want to do is drop a dress size in time for the beach holiday, or drop a jeans size in time for the office Xmas party, then your desire for ‘quick fix solutions’ won’t be met with MotherNaturesDiet.

MND suits people who are committed to being their personal best, now, tomorrow, all year, for life.

That’s how it works for me, and I hope that’s how it’s working for you.

Karl, Jan 2014

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