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Most ‘diets’ go wrong in the supermarket

Most diets go wrong in the supermarket…

…or at the corner shop, or the snack shop, convenience store or coffee shop.

You see, healthy eating and healthy living doesn’t happen by accident. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, you have to plan, you have to prepare to succeed. You can’t just leave healthy eating to chance and hope it works out OK.

Big Sugar, Inc.

Sadly the modern Western world doesn’t work that way. It takes planning to avoid ‘big sugar’. A major proportion of the world’s food supply is grain based, and the sad truth is that refined sugar is added to almost all our foods. So when you are not at home, sadly 99% of convenience food you find when you are out and about is grain-based or refined-sugar-based. You have to prepare in order to avoid all this. Saying that you ate a Snickers bar or a white bread sandwich or a chocolate chip muffin because that’s all you could get, is not really a valid excuse most of the time. KNOW in advance that that is the kind of garbage they sell at motorway services, petrol stations, convenience stores and corner shops, and prepare food in advance to take with you when you leave home.

Most diets go wrong in the supermarket. Failure to plan your nutrition in advance and buy the right foods is half the battle. If you buy garbage and put it in your cupboards at home, then when you are hungry and you reach for a snack…yes, you’ll find that garbage. Saying that you ate 5 chocolate coated biscuits because they were in the cupboard and you were hungry and they were the only thing available when you were in a hurry, is not a legitimate excuse. You bought them, you put them there, and you failed to plan any healthier alternative. That’s just setting yourself up for failure. You could have bought a bunch of bananas or a bag of oranges instead, but you bought chocolate biscuits. You can’t blame anyone else.

You can’t leave healthy eating to chance

The reality is, you must prepare to succeed, you must plan in advance. To not prepare to succeed, is to prepare to fail.

When I have time, for instance on a Sunday afternoon at home with my family, most weekends I grill 5 free range chicken breasts, let them cool a little, then slice them up and put them in this box in the fridge. See the picture. Now I have healthy, natural, primal snacks at hand all week when I need them. When I need a snack, I can grab a handful of chicken from the fridge - no sugar, no additives, no garbage, just free range chicken, ready to go.

There are no chocolate biscuits in my house (actually that’s not true, I think there is one pack for when my kids have friends over during the half term holidays) but there is sliced grilled lean plain chicken, there are plain brazil nuts, there are apples, bananas, some left over roast pork and sultanas if I get desperate.

Plan, write a list - success is in the boring detail

It may be boring, but plan your food, write a list and buy the right things at the shops, and you will massively improve your chances of success.

It turns out, as I have said before, that most of the best success strategies for healthy living are not the latest crazy fad diet or Hollywood workout plan, but plain old, rather boring and un-sexy, common sense, clean natural eating and regular exercise.

Planning and writing a list and shopping for healthy food may not be very sexy or exciting, but if you get it right, your results will be.

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