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Hot steamy sex…(and steaming hot broccoli)

I thought I should write a headline to get your attention, I hope it worked.

You know, I have noticed that the most popular posts, the ones that are read by the most people, have the most interesting or sexy or controversial headlines.

If I write “Recipe of the week” or “Practical cooking tips” or “Useful exercise advice” then very few people show much interest. If I write something with an interesting title about age, sex, dining out, alcohol, money…these subjects get much more interest. This trend is more visible and prevalent on the MND Facebook page than it is on here.

Now of course, this is nothing new…we all know that ‘bad news sells newspapers’ and we know that ‘sex sells’ and we know that gossip and scandal keep the tabloids in print, but it also raises a far more serious underlying trait of human behaviour, and one of the key reasons so many diets fail, and why so few people ever achieve the health or the body they dream of.

Quick-fix mentality

The sad truth is, that many people are lazy, unrealistic, short-term thinkers who are so dumbed-down and hyped-up by the modern world of multi-media sensationalism that they have absolutely no staying power and are utterly incapable of seeing anything through to conclusion. OK, so that’s pretty harsh for some, but it IS true of many.

This is why fad diets sell – because people are lazy, they want a QUICK fix, and they like the idea of correcting 20 years of over-eating and under-exercising by suffering just 6 miserable weeks of chomping down nothing but lettuce or whatever other crazy fad comes along. It’s the same mentality that draws people (millions of them every year) into get-rich-quick schemes. The real way to get rich is to work hard, become an expert in your field, deliver real value and stick to it for 20 or 30 years. But that’s not very sexy is it, so most people don’t like it.

The real way to have a fit healthy body is to eat a clean natural diet and exercise regularly, for your entire life, but most people don’t like the sound of that either, because there is nothing very sexy about eating steaming hot broccoli 5 days a week, so most people don’t do it.

Most people KNOW what to do, they just don’t DO what they know

And this is the problem. This is what it comes down to.

  • Most people KNOW that they should eat fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, lean meat, oily fish and drink lots of water, but they don’t do it.
  • Most people know they should exercise regularly, go for a walk, get some fresh air and sunshine, ride a bike, swim, go to the gym, lift a few weights, run round the block, but they don’t do it.
  • Most people know they shouldn’t eat cakes and chocolates, smoke, drink alcohol, eat take-away food 3 nights a week, drink coffee and fizzy drinks all day and eat sweets, but many people still do.

And it’s all because the truth just isn’t sexy enough, isn’t exciting enough to stimulate their minds and senses anymore. Too many hours of TV, YouTube, Facebook, gossip magazines, endless advertising and glossy media images, mobile phones, designer clothes, sports cars and cheap thrills have made people into brain-dead media junkies who can’t get through a day without multiple ‘micro bites’ out of the entertainment apple. I sometimes find people asking me for tips how to lose weight and get into shape. I start saying “eat fresh vegetables” and in seconds I’ve lost them…I see that glazed look in their thing they are checking for text messages then “I must go”…

People tell me many of my blog posts are too long. I get it, I know brevity is not my strongest skill, but when they are facing their doctor in 10 years or 20 years time as he says ‘I am sorry but you have cancer’ then they will wish they had taken ten minutes each day to read my long blog posts.

I think a lot of these people actually want to know that the ‘secret’ to good skin, a lean sexy body, great health and abundant energy is to “wrap plastic bags round your mid-section and do 400 sit-ups in a warm room then drink cabbage soup. Do this 3 days a week for a month and ‘Ta-Da’ you’ll look like XYZ celebrity strutting along on the red carpet…”.

People really do not want to know the truth, because the truth is really quite boring, and very unsexy – don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t party all night, don’t abuse your body, don’t take drugs…eat veggies, eat fruit, eat lean meat, eat fish, go for a run, workout.

They just don’t want to know the truth. Our hyped-up media-mad society has conditioned people to think that healthy living is boring and that drunken wild craziness is much more fun and way cooler.

Well, I’ve done both

I smoked for 18 years. I drank regularly for 22 years, pretty heavily for a good few of those years. I took plenty of recreational drugs. I partied hard, all night, often. I’ve drunk right through the night and into the next day plenty of times. I ate the McDonalds, the pizza, the kebabs, and I never went running or anywhere near a gym. I can honestly say it was all jolly good fun at the time. I was even so hardened to it that I never suffered terribly bad hangovers…hair of the dog, I’d just get back on it again.

However, it made me fat; hideously unattractive; I felt like crap most of the time; I was constantly getting ill; I never took any of my clothes off, even on the beach, as I looked so awful and hated the sight of myself undressed; I didn’t get many girls; I had low self esteem; I was smelly and coughed a lot; I suffered bad skin; I suffered blocked sinuses; I lacked energy and drive.

Take it from me, don’t believe the hype, there was nothing exciting or sexy about the results of living that way.

And now I have been living clean for quite a few years, and now I DO eat the veggies, I eat the fruit, and I eat the lean meat and oily fish. I do go running, I do workout, and yes, I exercise almost every single day. I no longer consume crap, I quit smoking, I quit drinking, and I quit all the garbage in my diet. And now I feel great! I am slim, lean, healthy, I get 1 tiny cold per year, at MOST, which shows up as a 2-day sniffle with a slightly sore throat, and most people wouldn’t know I had it unless I mentioned it…not the coughing spluttering mucous-bomb from when I used to be a smoker. Now I have abundant energy, a strong healthy body and I feel great, and I am no longer ashamed of what I see in the mirror, and I am no longer too ashamed to strip off on the beach.

I look better, feel better, and yes women check me out

I have more energy, I feel great, my self esteem has improved, and yes I get checked out by women, and after 20 years of being fat and unattractive, you have no idea how good that feels. I no longer watch TV, and I don’t buy magazines, and I try to limit my Facebook/YouTube/etc., to just a few quick 5 minute visits each day, and my brain feels so much more alive as a result!

Since I cleansed processed sugar from my diet, I can taste real foods again – I no longer dislike celery and grapefruit (in fact I adore grapefruit now!), and now if I ever taste ‘normal’ food that other people eat, I can’t believe how sweet it all tastes (things like pizza, orange juice, yoghurt, cereal – I can now taste how much sugar is added to these foods).

Don’t believe the hype

The image you are being sold by the world of big-media advertising is ridiculous. Alcohol companies use cool, fit, gorgeous models and actors to create images in our minds of the cool, sexy, desirable people we will become if we drink their products, but you only have to hang around outside bars and kebab shops at 1am on a Friday night to see that the reality is so very different.

By persisting, and pulling away from the brain-and-body-rotting media-driven world we are so surrounded by, I feel a freedom that I was previously unaware of. For those still trapped, the thought of committing yourself to ten years of working out daily, eating only vegetables, fruits, meat and fish and dropping TV and alcohol sounds depressingly boring. Only when you make that commitment and follow through with it, do you soon realise that in fact, what’s really genuinely sexy and exciting is this feeling of being alive, full of energy, to see your body changing shape for the better every day when you look in the mirror, to look better in your 40s than you did in your 30s (or even in your 20s as in my case), and to not be among the sick masses sniffing and coughing their way from Starbucks to the sofa via McDonalds drive-thru day-in and day-out.

Where do you stand? Are you a thrill-seeking 5-minute-wonder media junkie who never sticks to anything? Are you tempted by every fad diet and crazy get-rich-quick scheme? Are you still reading this long blog post, did you make it all the way down to here? Do you think broccoli is boring? Or have you got what it takes to actually make permanent positive changes in your life?

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  1. cheryl ward #

    Wow this is inspirational! I am still reading and will reread every time I need some motivation

    June 2, 2021
  2. Hey Cheryl! Great, glad you liked it, good for you!
    Now stick to it, you sexy beast! 🙂

    June 2, 2021

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