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Stand up and be counted!

I read a short but interesting article on the BBC News web site about posture. See the link at the bottom of this post, if you want to read the article yourself.

According to the article, sitting at a desk all day every day is bad for you in more ways than just promoting lower back pain…the lack of activity also contributes to making you fat. Wow, who knew?

Pass out the Nobel prizes for this piece of innovative and creative research. Sitting all day you get fat, standing all day helps burn more calories. Damn, I wish I had gotten a PhD for that.

Who knew? Oh, I did!

Yes, I did, that’s why I have been standing at my modified desk/work-station for the last 7 years.

When I was in a sit-down desk job, a decade ago, over 7 years I gained weight and suffered lower back pain. Now I have been standing for over 7 years, I never get back pain, I get relatively fewer lower-body minor aches, pulls and sprains, it has helped me lose weight, I stay more awake, more alert and generally feel better and more energized.

Really, as ‘healthy lifestyle advice’ goes, this isn’t exactly earth-shatteringly new research: Get up! Get off your butt! Move more!

Come on folks, I keep telling the world - healthy living is easy, simple, common sense.

Get up!!!!!! 🙂

Here is the original short news article:

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