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Eating MND in the carb-centric world

Eating by the low-carb MotherNaturesDiet (MND) 12 Core Principles is hard enough living in England…it’s way harder here in India.

Back home in the UK, the typical supermarket is a carb-jungle. Cereals, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes are everywhere, and all those so-called food items in tins, packages, bags, boxes and shrink-wrapping, are loaded with refined sugar and processed syrups, the worst crap carbs of all. However, in the UK we do have options, and there are plenty of choices for buying meat, fish, fresh organic vegetables and fruits, and other foods that fit to the MND plan.

Here in India, eating revolves around carbs. Almost every meal includes bread of some sort, often rice and often potatoes. Meals are full of legumes; beans and peas and lentils. Of course, I knew this would be the case before I got here, but I understand now that as I develop MND, I need to include advice for people living in places where fresh meat and fish is not a viable option for everyday consumption.

I will work on this over time, I will look at the best legume options to maximise protein and minimise lectins, which are present in legumes and we should not eat them. I will look at how vegetables should be used as much as possible in place of grains, when meat is not on the menu. By doing this, I will, in effect, formulate a vegetarian version of MND, or something closer to it, which may then be of broader interest to everyone.

Attached picture shows a working breakfast in my hotel room - scrambled eggs on toast Indian style. Big on bread, low on eggs (I think this used 2 eggs)!

Makes me realise my 6-egg scramble at home, with kale mixed in, is not the norm around the world!

More coming soon!


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