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Caution: stupidity may damage the human race


I just opened a packet of cashew nuts. They are plain, unprocessed, unsalted, plain old cashews. The packet has no list of ingredients, refreshingly, as they are just 100% plain natural cashew nuts. On the front of the pack it says “Cashew nuts” and basically nothing else. On the back, at the top, it repeats “Cashew nuts” then underneath that, like 2 mm away, it says “Allergy advice: contains nuts”!!

OMG come on! I’d want my money back if it DIDN’T contain nuts!! I mean really, seriously, do they need to write that? What judge would support a court case against Morrison’s “You didn’t warn the complainant that the product contained nuts…” really? It’s called NUTS you f*****g stupid people!

Seriously, in all honesty if you are so thick that you buy a bag of nuts and eat them, not knowing they are NUTS, and you have some savage allergic reaction, then it would really be doing the world a favour if you die, because that level of stupidity needs to be eliminated from the gene pool in order to further our species. Really…madness.

But there is a serious message here…

Rant over, please accept my apologies for ranting, but this stuff really bugs me. I obviously wrote the above with a large dose of sarcasm, all very tongue-in-cheek, but there is a real lesson here. People need to assume a bit more personal responsibility. If you suffer from a nut allergy, don’t open and eat a packet with ‘Nuts’ written on the front. Similarly, if you are grossly overweight, or diabetic, don’t eat chocolate and cakes. A chocolate bar or cake does not have ‘Caution: will make you fat’ or ‘Caution: will trigger an uncontrollable insulin response’ written on it, but wise up people, you know that sugar trips your insulin response and eating too much confectionery makes you fat.

McDonalds burgers don’t come with a warming on the box (actually, in California, they do, there is a warning in the shop window, by law) that the food is bad for you, but it is.

Everyone needs to take personal responsibility over what they put inside their bodies. We seem to rely on the government to tell us what we should or should not eat, like our politicians are all trained dieticians or something. The last time I looked at the evening News on TV, most politicians looked over weight and out of shape to me, so let’s not go looking to them for leading exampled of good health and fitness.

Take the time to care. Take the time to learn. Stop and think before you eat and drink things that might not be natural and might not nourish your body.

Ignorance is ‘stupidity on purpose’. The information is out there, it’s not hard to find. You don’t need to do much research to work out that eating broccoli is good for you, while eating pizza is not. Choosing not to care is just laziness.

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