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Mother Nature’s Diet FAQs - Can I eat beans and legumes?

Living the MND way, can I eat legumes – beans, pulses and sweetcorn?

If you have read the FAQs and learned why we avoid eating grains, you will remember that one reason to avoid eating grains is because they contain compounds that affect our digestion - gluten, phytic acid, and so on.

Just like grains, all these beans and legumes are a kind of seed, they are the “babies” of the plants. So if we think of wheat as the babies (seeds) of the grasses in that family of plants that we call cereal crops, then similarly, beans and lentils are the seeds of the plant family we call legumes. Technically, biologically, they are very similar to grains. Apologies for the over simplification, but this isn’t a science lecture, I just want you to understand the broad idea.

Mother Nature, in all her complex wonder, evolved our wonderful world to help propagate every species in some kind of glorious harmony. All these grasses and other plants evolved for herbivorous animals to eat them, but Mother Nature had to come up with ways to enable the seeds of those plants to survive and re-grow. In some cases, seeds evolved in ways to avoid being eaten, by growing high out of a grazing herbivores reach, or by hiding inside a tough seed head, in other cases seeds  evolved tough outer cases, so that they would survive being eaten by an animal and then pooped out the other end. In other cases, she designed the seeds to thrive inside that animal, so that when it was pooped out the other end, it was ready to grow into a new plant.

Ruminants (that is animals such as cows, sheep, goats, camels, yaks and so on) have a much more complex, slower digestive system than humans. They pass food into a rumen (one of their multiple stomachs) which is basically a fermentation tank inside a cow. They also “chew the cud” which means they Read more


I love nuts, and eating nuts is one of my top choices of snack options. I love Brazil nuts, but I am not supposed to eat too many of these because they have a very high ratio of omega 6 (bad fats) to omega 3 fats (the good ones). One of the best nuts to eat are walnuts, which have a much better ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids.

I’m away from home on a family holiday this week (Aug 2012), staying in a beautiful converted barn with walnut trees growing outside the front door. I have never thought about how walnuts grow before, so I love having these trees right outside the door. They look like horse chestnut trees, and the walnuts grow looking like green ‘fruits’.

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Caution: stupidity may damage the human race


I just opened a packet of cashew nuts. They are plain, unprocessed, unsalted, plain old cashews. The packet has no list of ingredients, refreshingly, as they are just 100% plain natural cashew nuts. On the front of the pack it says "Cashew nuts" and basically nothing else. On the back, at the top, it repeats "Cashew nuts" then underneath that, like 2 mm away, it says "Allergy advice: contains nuts"!!

OMG come on! I'd want my money back if it DIDN'T contain nuts!! I mean really, seriously, do they need to write that? What judge would support a court case against Morrison's "You didn't warn the complainant that the product contained nuts..." really? It's called NUTS you f*****g stupid people!

Seriously, in all honesty if you are so thick that you buy a bag of nuts and eat them, not knowing they are NUTS, and you have some savage allergic reaction, then it would really be doing the world a favour if you die, because that level of stupidity needs to be eliminated from the gene pool in order to further our species. Really...madness.

But there is a serious message here...

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