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Make rest a necessity, not an objective

I spent a few hours on the road again today, and for 3 hours I listened to more classic personal development material. I am so into Jim Rohn at the moment, the guy was truly the master. And I resonate with everything he says.

Today’s Gem: “Make rest a necessity not an objective.”

To me, that is PROFOUND.

See, this is how I interpreted that, and this is what MND is all about.
Too many people are low on energy, they lack the energy it takes to get on, to get ahead, to want more and do more. Oh they don’t think they are sick….not when they are 25, 30, 35 or even the grand old age of 40! No, they don’t think they of themselves as weary, low-energy type people, they just say “Life’s hectic!” “I’m so busy” “Work is very busy at the moment” and the favourite “I’m so stressed out, I just need a rest!” “I need a holiday” and “Oh roll on the weekend!”

People are seeking rest, they work all day so they can sit down and rest. They work all week so they can rest at the weekend. People are pursuing rest as an activity!

I don’t think rest is an activity, it’s a necessity.

I rest when I just can’t go anymore. It’s an essential recharge, a chance to recover and rebuild for the next task.

Now let’s not confuse “rest” and “relax” It’s good to relax. I do all sorts of things to relax - I run, ride my bike, about once a month I watch a movie at home (usually roll out my yoga mat and stretch for 2 hours…), I take my kids to the cinema a few times a year, I go for walks, I read, I like to go rock climbing, play squash, engage in stimulating conversation with friends…these things are relaxing.

For me, any time I’m not staring at this laptop, or trying to catch up on my endless messages, I am relaxing. Just taking a shower is wonderfully relaxing.

shutterstock_187814567 But “rest” is another thing.

People are tired, people are low on energy…after the age of 40, I hear people all the time moaning they are tired, weary, fatigued, if only they could sit down, rest, they need a rest, they just want to put their feet up.

This is not good. If working 40 hours per week in a shop or an office leaves exhausted, you’re doing it wrong!!

That’s nothing.

MND is about having more energy, not getting tired, not getting fatigued. MND is about doing more with your life, getting better performance from your body, not losing time off to sick days, not being run down.

The only time I rest is when I sleep, that’s it.

Hey, I have nothing against anyone’s choice of relaxation. But, remember that what you FEED your body, determines your physical health and strength and vitality…and similarly, what you FEED your MIND determines your mental health, strength and vitality. I worry that people are not nourishing their bodies, which leaves them feeling weary, which leads them to actively seeking rest at every opportunity. This rest, for most of the nation, means spending 4 hours every evening staring at THAT BOX, you know the one!

If I was FEEDING MY BRAIN, I would hate to think what the food we call “Eastenders” and “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Jungle get me out of here Bollox” and “Only way is Essex” would cause to grow?

MND is all about a healthy body and a healthy mind. If you feed your mind with garbage, JUNK MEDIA, which is just junk food for the brain, then don’t be surprised if your career, love life, finances and parenting skills are not as outstanding as you would like them to be. You get out, what you put in.

Living the MND way will help you to raise your energy levels, then your whole day becomes usable, active time. You can relax, of course, but you won’t feel forced to rest. You can take your relaxation (time off from ‘work’ and major responsibilities) in ways that are more engaging - sports, hobbies, charity work, more active play with your kids, more sex, more talking with the people in your life, more study (improve yourself, boost your career, earn more) and lots more too.

But in reality, too many people are forced to ‘rest’ as their form of relaxation, because they lack the energy to make better choices. This ends up fuelling their addiction to ‘the drug of the nation’…TV. I suggest, the only TV you watch, is MND TV!

Try this video about having more energy:

And try this episode, about TV:

BE more, so you can DO more, which will help you to HAVE more.

- Live better
- Live longer
- Live stronger


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