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You only know it, if you are living it.

I attended a seminar about wealth creation, and the speaker T. Harv Eker said that - “You only know it if you are living it.”

He meant it in the context of ‘Don’t take wealth creation advice from someone who isn’t rich!’ but I also think it applies to all other areas of life too, including health.

  • I’ve met weight loss coaches who are fat
  • I’ve met people who are broke, telling you how to make money
  • I’ve met fat unhealthy doctors who smoke
  • I’ve met people who help others quit addictions…who still drink
  • I’ve met personal trainers who aren’t very fit
  • I’ve met people teaching ‘how to make millions online’ who haven’t made millions online
  • I’ve met people teaching property investing who don’t own a large portfolio of investment properties
  • I’ve met people teaching relationship skills who are not in a blissful loving relationship
  • I’ve met people who teach marriage success who have been divorced 2 or 3 times
  • I’ve met nutritional therapists who teach weight loss and good health, who are fat and in poor health
  • I’ve met healers who need healing
  • I’ve met therapists who need therapy

I am sick and tired of this bullshit. Is it just me?

You see, T.Harv Eker was right, you only know it if you are living it. You can read a bunch of books on making money, and get a degree in finance or economics, but the only way you truly KNOW how to make a million is to go out and do it.

You can read books about weight loss and learn about calories and exercise and food, but you only truly master the subject if you have done it, and lost weight and kept it off.

You can read a thousand books on how to run a sub-4 hour marathon, but you don’t know shit til you have actually run one.

You can have a degree or a PhD in nutritional therapy, or you can be a Doctor with three decades experience, but if you’re fat and unhealthy and suffering from health challenges, your not living proof that you know the REAL answers.

Because you see, the real answers don’t come in a book, they come from life experience.

We live in a society that values education because it can be measured. You have a diploma in X, a degree in Y, a PhD in Z. But experience is less defined. We measure money, he has 2 million, she made 4 million, that is a measure, though it’s often clouded with judgement - many people don’t talk about how much money they do or do not have, and money can be made morally and immorally. Often, the people with the most keep quiet about it, and the ones who shout about their wealth, actually don’t have so much.

Health is an area that is open to debate too. Beware the people who are most vocal. (Yes, that means me, too! I’m very vocal, so scrutinize me too!)

Don’t take weight loss advice from a fat person.

Don’t take fitness advice from someone who isn’t fit.

Don’t take health advice from someone who doesn’t appear to be healthy.

I’m finding there are a lot of folks out there talking a good game, especially online, but they have no substance to back it up. I’m seeing self-proclaimed ‘health experts’ on Facebook and Twitter, dispensing advice and selling ‘solutions’, and these people are hiding behind 20-yr-old profile pictures of a younger. slimmer version of themselves, they are hiding under loose-fitting clothes, they are dispensing questionable advice and using stock photography, paid models and dodgy science quotes to create a smoke and mirrors sales pitch.

Beware who you pay attention to, and who you give your money to. There are a lot of people out there who talk a good game, but they are not living proof of what they are selling.

If you ain’t living it, you don’t KNOW it.

I suggest you ONLY listen to people who are a walking talking living demonstration of what they preach.


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