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TEDx – where x is meant to = independent

TEDx – where x is meant to = independent

Sadly, it looks as though TEDx isn’t so independent any more

This letter came to my attention from a friend:

Reading through this, it seems that the TED advice to all TEDx organisers is, ‘don’t allow anyone to stand up and speak about health related issues unless they are a practicing M.D. (G.P.) or if they have a Ph.D. and are affiliated to a major university.’

Well, according to most sources, the major drug companies have a foot-in-the-door with almost all M.D’s and at many major universities - so TED are effectively saying “tow the party line, and don’t preach any alternative health mumbo jumbo, only allow traditionally trained doctors and researchers” - and sadly that does seem rather a closed door approach!

I guess I’ll unsubscribe from TEDx lectures then, no sense keep watching if nothing innovative and free/forward thinking is going to come my way.

This seems a real shame…the world of the Internet is all about giving more people a voice, not less. What are TED really saying “there is a ‘long tail’, but we’d rather not listen to it.”

I get it, they are concerned about some wild, unqualified long-haired hippie type claiming that they can cure cancer if we all just walk around with microwaved warmed crystals in our knickers or whatever…but it seems that stipulating “only trained Dr’s and PhD’s affiliated to major Universities” is seriously narrowing the field. So world renowned published authors with a decade of track record - such as Jason Vale ‘Juice Master’ and Joe Cross (Fat Sick and & Nearly Dead) and Jamie Oliver (wheelbarrow full of sugar on stage at TED) can all keep away? Not welcome to come to TEDx to talk about health because you are not adequately trained and qualified, you don’t meet the criteria?

Ouch TED, you just made a major step backwards, like about 15 years, in my opinion.
I am very disappoinTED.

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