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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

The evening before last, I was privileged to be at The Odeon Leicester Square to attend the UK movie premiere of the excellent health documentary ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’

The movie is about an Aussie businessman who was grossly overweight, suffering poor health (he had urticaria, something I have battled and beaten myself over the last 8 years) and he was heading for a heart attack. He made this movie about his journey back to good health.

The movie is inspirational and a shortened version of it is being aired next week, 10th July, on Channel 5, 8pm, don’t miss it if you are in the UK. I think they may show the entire FULL length movie on Channel 5 at 5pm on Sat 13th July, check the Channel 5 website for details.

With Joe Cross FSAND July 13fatsickandnearlydead

Meeting Joe Cross from the movie and watching the movie last night was great, Joe seems like a great guy, very friendly and open, but the best part of the evening for me was spending time with the awesome people I went along with. A group of about 28 of us, from all around the country, went along together and I had the pleasure of chatting with many of our group throughout the evening.

What blows me away is this: So many people had stories to tell of their journey to good health. People who have lost 30 pounds, 40 pounds, 50 pounds, 60 pounds and more. I find it so inspiring to talk to people who maybe turned 25, or 30, or 35 or even 40, who were overweight, perhaps obese, and decided ‘the rest of my life, all the way to an early grave, doesn’t have to be like this’ and they have made DRAMATIC and incredible changes.

I sat on the train for a couple of hours coming home, writing my thoughts on my laptop.

These people prove again and again that ANYONE can change. Being seriously overweight isn’t in your genes, you are not born with it, and it does not have to be a life sentence. Good health is your birth-right, and it is there to be reclaimed by those who care. You only have to decide that you love life, and yourself, enough to want more from your future than deteriorating energy levels, deteriorating health and an early end. Chose health; chose to see your grandchildren grow up; chose to be physically active and pain-free in your retirement years, not living on pills and visiting the doctor every week; chose abundant energy; chose vitality; chose flexibility, sexual function, mental clarity, clear skin and a smile.

I came home inspired partly by the movie, but mostly by my friends who are showing the courage to step up and demand more of themselves, for their loved ones and for their children.

More power to you. 1luvx


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