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Why we have an obesity problem

Do you want to know why we have an obesity epidemic?

Because you can buy 5,496 calories for £14 - 24 cans of Strongbow cider, 440ml cans, 229 calories per can.

The calories in the Strongbow come from the sugars and of course the alcohol itself. Half comes from sugars, all of which you absorb and half comes from alcohol, all of which you don’t. (The metabolism of alcohol is a complex scientific process, but you could think of it as ‘half the alcohol is converted into a form of sugary energy your body uses, the other half just fucks up your liver.)

If you are a regular reader of my work, you will likely have read about how your body depletes small amounts of certain valuable micronutrients in order to process sugar. Quote “It requires some B vitamins (particularly vitamin B1 (thiamine), and B3 (niacin)), some vitamin C, and also calcium, and trace amounts of potassium, magnesium, zinc, chromium and sodium in order to absorb and use the energy provided by refined sugar” - read the full article here:

The Strongbow works out at a cost of £1.33 per litre. Without getting lost in the minutiae of scientific detail let’s say a litre weighs 1 kilo, which is close enough.
So this 24-pack of Strongbow costs £1.33 per kilo, and the whole pack weighs 10.5 kilos, and contains 5,496 calories, giving you 520 calories per kilo, calories which all come from sugar and alcohol. (Oct 2015)

Strongbow 440ml can

By contrast, let’s look at ‘real food’ - Tesco organic broccoli. (Oct 2015)
The organic broccoli is priced at £3.34 per kilo.
A kilo of organic broccoli will deliver to you 30 grams of protein, and 30 grams of dietary fibre, and lots of lovely health-giving vitamins and minerals. The same vitamins and minerals the sugar is ‘costing’ your body.
A kilo of organic broccoli contains 380 calories.

Let me put this in plain English for you.

1:  The cider costs £1.33 for a kilo of shit, that’s 520 calories of gut-stretching sugar, and a nice dose of liver-stressing alcohol. All while depleting your body of the benefits of the ‘5-a-day’ the government say they would like you to be eating.

2:  The nice people in the supermarkets are selling you this life-rotting addictive garbage for just £1.33 per 520 calories.

3:  The broccoli, by contrast, your friend that promotes good health and brings you energy and vitality, costs £3.43 per 380 calories - equivalent would be £4.69 to buy 520 calories worth of broccoli.broccoli nutrition data

4:  So 520 calories worth of nutritious broccoli costs 3.5 times the 520 calories worth of addictive sugary brain-and-liver damaging cider.

5:  The anti-nutrient effect of the sugar and the alcohol (also a known anti-nutrient) means that regular consumption of the cider will - over the long term - accelerate aging, deplete your energy, make you gain fat weight, harm your organs and make you a less productive member of the workforce, a less productive member of society and more of a burden to the NHS in the future.

6:  Meanwhile, regular consumption of the broccoli, has all the opposite, beneficial effects.

7:  If you sit and drink 4 can of Strongbow in the evening that’s 1000 calories of sugar piling on your love handles.

We have an obesity epidemic because the cheap sugary garbage that rots your health from the inside out, is 3.5 times cheaper per-calorie than the health giving nutritious vegetables that promote wellbeing and help maintain healthy body weight.

When people are stressed, feeling run down and working to a tight budget, the Strongbow looks more appealing than the broccoli.

And have you ever noticed, they spend a lot more money advertising cider than they do advertising broccoli?

  • Be the change
  • Don’t be a sheep
  • Don’t blindly follow the masses - they’re doing it wrong

MotherNaturesDiet all the way.


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  1. Interesting post.

    October 15, 2021

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