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Act BEFORE disaster strikes…don’t wait UNTIL it happens

Earlier today, a friend reminded me just how hard it is to convince people to make healthier diet choices while those people are seemingly healthy and active.

The trouble is, the net effect of poor dietary and lifestyle choices may be doing harm on the inside for many years, without those ill effects showing up on the outside. The body may be doing it’s job, keeping things working inside, but the damage is likely accumulating, out of sight, out of mind.

I really want to help people, long term, to understand this point. Ignoring health advice and warnings (about sugar, alcohol, nicotine, processed food, additives, the sodium nitrite in processed meats, etc.) now, can and almost certainly will, cause an accumulation of toxic side effects inside the body. In time, these affect “gene expression”, and rising cancer rates, among other major health problems, are a direct effect of this scenario. I want people to understand that waiting til the Dr says “I’m sorry Mr/Mrs X, but we have found a mass on your scan.” is TOO LATE. People get the bad news, then start shouting “why me?” And “it’s not fair” and “help me NOW”

They are right, it’s sad and not fair, but it happens, and global cancer rates are forecast to more than double over the next 30 years or so.

Diet is not the sole cause, but diet and lifestyle largely determines the state of the ‘biological environment’ inside the body. This environment then affects ‘gene expression’. In over-simplified terms, think of it like this: if you have any kind of genetic pre-disposition to a condition, such as breast, cervical, lung, liver or prostate cancer, that genetic pre-disposition may NOT come to reality if your inner environment is super-clean…however, a ‘dirty’ inner environment is far more likely to promote that pre-disposition to express itself.

Waiting until you are diagnosed to say “oh God please help me now” is like asking for a band aid after the cut has been made and blood is gushing out. I want to help people see the knife coming and avoid that cut in the first place.

Prevention is better, less painful, and more effective, than cure.

Over the next decade, as I develop MND into a business, from Day One, 10 percent of all profits MND ever makes will go to a non-profit foundation, the MND Health Foundation. Once funds permit research to begin, this not-for-profit will research links between diet and cancer prevalence, among other topics. I hope, in some way, that MND will one day help to reverse these rising cancer rates, through prevention and education.

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  1. I was literally thinking about this this morning! People always wait until it’s too late (or close to), and they also love sappy stories of people who got a bad diagnosis and then reversed it using natural methods, but I don’t get the sappy love because I chose to change my life before I got something really bad, and I guess it’s just not as inspiring. Not “Hollywood movie” enough. haha
    Great post!

    February 6, 2022
    • I hear ya…in fact, I would say from ‘general experience’ (in the UK anyway) that in fact, if you make pro-active choices to quit alcohol and refined sugar and ‘eat clean’ while you are perfectly young and healthy, in most social circles you are laughed at, criticised, provoked and called a ‘freak’. Those laughing keep guzzling beer and eating pizza til they are sick, then they look for sympathy because “genetic history and the hand of fate dealt them such a cruel blow”.
      Later this year I have a book coming out which will go into all this stuff in a lot more detail, how genes only play a small part (maybe 5%) in whether or not certain conditions develop, and how ‘gene expression’ is far more important in understanding why a clean diet and healthy lifestyle protect us from degenerative illness.
      Thanks EyeCandyPopper! Stay in touch 🙂

      February 6, 2022
      • haha agreed! As I’ve said before “Bad genes are a weakness, not a certainty.”
        And I tend not to have much pity for people who voluntarily and knowingly destroy their health. Sounds harsh sometimes, but that’s where we’re at. Not knowing is one thing, but hiding your head in the sand is another.
        Good luck with the new book!

        February 6, 2022

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