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Road kill and nettle soup

In the process of creating MotherNaturesDiet, I had ‘lofty visions’ of things I would do, or at least try, in my pursuit of natural healthy living and designing the best possible healthy diet.

I had hoped that I would find time to try living off the land a little more…in spring and summer foraging for fruits, nuts, seeds, berries, edible roots, plants, flowers and anything else edible in the natural world around me. I had hoped to spend more time learning about which fruits and vegetables are natural to Northern Europe where I live, to learn more about being local and seasonal. I had hoped to spend more time tracking my waste and costs, I want to see how eating only organic, fresh, local, natural, REAL food has reduced the amount of waste I produce from packaging.

There is no ‘fail’

But the fact that I have not yet done these things is not to say that in any way I have ‘failed’. (I do have a tendency to be harsh on myself!)

I have always had clear goals for MND. I laid out the 12 Core Principles, The Rules, that I believe are the best way to live for optimum good health and abundant energy, and I have stated from the start that the purpose of what I am doing is to show ordinary normal people, with busy lives, how realistic and achievable it is to live by those rules every day. We all have limits on our time and financial resources, you and me, we are just the same. Just like you, I have a career, kids, hobbies, lots to do, lots of demands on my time. MotherNaturesDiet has to provide real lessons for real people, to show what can be done, realistically, otherwise it’s no use to anyone.

So there is no fail. If I don’t find time to cook road-kill, collect wild mushrooms and boil up my own nettle soup, then so be it. In all honesty, I’m just a regular, normal guy, living in the real normal world, just like you. I run my own publishing company, I have 3 young kids, I get up early, I work all day, and at weekends the grass needs cutting, the shed roof needs fixing, the shopping has to get done, the car washed, the windows cleaned, the kids need to be taken swimming, and there are a million other things besides. Catching hedgehogs and squirrels, cooking elderflowers and learning about the life-cycle of turnips will just all have to fit in as and when I can make it possible.

Keeping it real…

MND is meat to be real, for everyone, realistic and down to earth. Nothing fancy. Some people will say that buying organic and free range is ‘elitist and too expensive, but as you will find elsewhere on this site, I argue that in fact, it is only marginally more expensive that eating all the regular stuff that everyone else buys. In fact, if you factor in improved health, less ‘down time’ off sick, and reduced health care costs in the long term, I don’t think you can put a price on the benefits. As one of my hero’s, Joel Salatin, says - “If you think organic is expensive, you should try cancer.”

On this blog, I have always promised to tell the truth about living the MND way, in my own experience. So nothing I write is ‘a failure’, it’s just a true report of how I get on, trying my best to be healthy and balance MND with the rest of my busy life. If I eat and exercise the MND way and I feel like crap and put on fat and I look awful and feel feeble, then the 12 rules might be considered ‘a fail’, and I will tell you and then change things and try again, but I don’t think that is going to happen. I have been living this way for about a year and I’ve never been in better shape, I am getting fitter and stronger, and people keep complementing me on how I look, so I am fairly confident that things are all going in the right direction.

…and making it last

I also run a page for MND on Facebook. When I first started blogging about MND, for the first few weeks it was very popular, but then traffic dropped right off. Both on the blog site, and on Facebook traffic started off high for the first 8 or 9 weeks, but then dropped off a cliff and slowed to a dribble for months afterwards.

While some of this may be a lack of marketing savvy on my part, as I am new to blogging and I am still learning about promotion, and just too busy to devote enough time to all this, I think this traffic pattern is symptomatic of many people’s attitudes to diet and exercise. It’s all ‘5 minute wonder excitement’ for a few weeks and then people get bored and drift off looking for the next new fad diet, the latest craze, the next big thing.

Many people give up on diets, exercise plans and other new healthy living initiatives after 2 to 3 months, just as all my web traffic and Facebook visitors dried up after 2 to 3 months. Why does this happen? I know that if my Facebook page was full of crazy exciting pictures, sexy images of ripped abs, sweaty near-naked bodies, wild new ideas and celebrity endorsements and so on, people will keep reading and traffic would soar.

But that’s not what MND is all about. MND won’t make me Mr-Super-Popular on Facebook. I don’t care. The real answers to a healthy lifestyle, a strong fit lean body, and abundant energy, are not on Facebook, and they are not in some fad diet system. The more hours I spend sat at this computer typing all this up, and the longer you spend sat on your backside reading it, we are neither progressing towards our goals.

The real answers tend not to be very exciting or sexy. Sorry about that. The real answers are simply, but they require you to DO something every day.

  • Eat clean
  • Plan your food in advance, avoid convenience shopping and snacks
  • Exercise most days of your life
  • Stay active
  • Get up and move
  • Sweat
  • Get out, in all weathers
  • Put in the effort
  • Keep going
  • Stick to it – today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Forever.

Don’t be like the 95% out there who give up, who dabble, and then move on to the next fad before they have give it any real time and effort. All too often, for millions of people, they spend years, decades, jumping in and out of every new trend that comes along, dabbling with each fad diet, but never sticking to one thing long enough to see real results.

Let your results be your judge. Try MND for at least 6 months, put in some commitment and stick to it, and your healthy lifestyle will reward you with the good health, plentiful energy and the fit sexy body of your dreams.

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