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Guest post “The day I lost to MLM”

I very VERY rarely post anything written by anyone else…but I like this, and I wanted to share it with you.

I know a super nice guy called Chris Burgess who runs a great business called “Lift the Bar” helping Personal Trainers improve their careers, maintain professional standards and further their education.

Chris blogged this and I wanted to share it with you, I think it is great.


The day I lost to MLM

Was about 5 years ago, almost to the day

I remember a client telling me that they were cancelling their session with me because “It’s not working”

We’ve all been there, right?

But back then I barely slept for a week. And I’d being lying to you if I said I don’t still think about it occasionally still.

She took my off of cloud 9 and pretty much destroyed every ounce of confidence I had.

I forgot all of the good things that I was doing with other clients, and questioned every reason why I was in the industry.

  • She refused to track her nutrition
  • She didn’t do any of the homework I set
  • Her in session effort was terrible
  • Her weight wasn’t dropping
  • Her measurements weren’t moving
  • and I took the blame for the lot.
  • And almost quit because of it.

Then I was even more devastated a few months later because I bumped into her in town (Awkward conversation!) and she’d lost all of the weight she wanted with another trainer.

So I googled who he was…and guess what…he sold meal replacement shakes.

My way hadn’t worked. MLM did.

So much for taking the moral high ground, huh? They got the client the result she wanted. I didn’t.

^ Which is a reason I can see why trainers fall into the MLM traps

But was that the end of the story?

No (check the P.S for what happened to her!)

I dusted myself off, and realised I had 2 choices:

1) Stick to my morales, upgrade my skills and focus on targeting clients who value what I do.

2) Join the MLM crowd, convince myself I am helping people whilst ruining their relationship with food and have no regard for long term results.

Let’s face it, option 2 would have been more lucrative in the early days.


From that moment on I decided to learn only from the people got better results than me, but shared my values.

There would be no more accepting EVERY client who came my way - only those who were truly ready to change and valued what their results would provide them emotionally would get in.

Dammit that bad result lead me here. ONWARDS


p.s The client kept her weight off for 2 months, and after 12 months was 14lb heavier than our consult. She asked to come back, and I took her back. She is now a PT herself.


I hope you like the p.s. guys…I think this is a great post.

Know the truth

Be your truth

Stick to it

Never give up

- Karl

If you’re a PT or Strength Coach, you can find Chris’ site at


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  1. Love this article. We are dealing with Herbalife locally and their impact on our industry with their often unqualified distributors running Fitclub Bootcamps.

    December 3, 2021

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