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2013 Popular Posts #8: Awesome chest training tool

I just love training my chest. I’m not aiming to be huge, not like a body builder or weight lifter, I just want to be reasonably strong, and capable, good functional strength, and look pleasing. Push-ups are my all-time favourite exercise. I love everything about push-ups!

This post shows you a tool I made for training at home using just push-ups to develop a full strong chest. The post explains what it is, how to make one and how to use it.

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Just Start - And Never Give Up!

A friend reminded me of this today… Whatever your goals, you just have to START. Just get started.

When I was obese, with a BMI of 32.6, weighing 249 pounds (113 kilos), the thought of ever being under 12 stone (just 74 kilos) seemed utterly impossible. But I started, one step at a time, I exercised, ate an improved diet, quit the bad habits. It took many years, and I did yo-yo up and down over that time, but I never gave up hope or determination to achieve good health and a better body. In total, I lost 100 pounds of fat off my frame and got down to a BMI of 21.2, well under 12 stone.

When I first started my journey to fitness, a set of 10 regular push-ups was a max effort for me, I could barely do 10, and when I did it would hurt and I would ache the next day. In the last week, I’ve done well over 2000 push-ups and I have not been pushing myself hard, that’s just normal, I do that almost every week. I regularly do 400 or 500 as part of my workout several days per week, and my best effort to date was 1014 good form, wide-grip, push-ups in 59:56 seconds.

Whatever YOUR goal, JUST START, and never give up. If you never give up, you will eventually get that which you desire.

Exercise of the Week: Rolling Push-Ups.

At I just love doing push-ups in all the various ways possible.

This is an awesome variant and well worth trying if you are a regular with push-ups. Not one for beginners!

2013 10k Challenge!!

There is a popular school of thought that says it takes ten thousand hours of practice to master something, which in many cases, means about a decade of regular practice. I have heard this many times, and it is also used commonly in physical development, especially in martial arts, where it is said that you need to practice a movement or drill 10,000 time in order to master that movement.

I was thinking about this earlier today, and I got to thinking about my favourite exercise, the wonderful push-up. I feel quite certain it does not take 10,000 repetitions to ‘master’ technique. Someone can be shown how to do good push-ups, with good form, in just a few sets each with a handful of reps. I was thinking about the 10,000 repetitions, and about what it might mean in relation to push-ups, could this theory be applied to push-ups.

There are literally hundreds of ways to do push-ups, which is why I love them so much.

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