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We wouldn’t feed pizza to a rhino, so why are we feeding it to our children?

Think about the so-called food available to us today.

Imagine you are visiting the zoo, and you see the zoo keepers feeding the animals. They put the food out for the big rhino, buckets of roughly chopped up vegetables, perhaps some pieces of fruit, and all seems well. During a demonstration talk, the keeper offers the rhino a jam doughnut as he cracks some joke about "even this big guy likes a treat each day" and most of the spectators laugh as the rhino eagerly gobbles down the doughnut. A few people would quietly be thinking 'you shouldn't give things like that to an animal, it's cruel' but they don't say anything, they keep their opinions to themselves for fear of appearing to be an extremist.

But now let's say things are different, let's picture a different scenario. Imagine if our rhino is kept in his muddy, grassy enclosure and fed bucket loads of pizza, burgers, chips, pies, pastries, cakes, ice cream, chocolate bars and biscuits. Every day the public visit this zoo and watch the keepers fill our rhino's drinking trough with cola or beer or milkshake, and the ground of his enclosure is littered with chewing gum, pizza crusts, cheese sandwiches and cookies. What would the vast majority of zoo visitors say then?

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Restraint in the supermarket

I know I wrote about this before, recently, but it is well worth repeating.

The hardest time to stick to your health principles is when you are out shopping.

Few single things will have a greater impact on your health, well being and body shape that exercising will power in the supermarket and the convenience store.

Think of it this way: If you buy it, then it’s in your house, and you have to exercise will power every day, 7 days per week, often several times per day, because you know it’s there, in the fridge/cupboard/larder.

However, if you can exercise self control in the shop, surrounded by every temptation piled floor to ceiling high, then the other days of the week will be easier, because it will not be in your home - out of sight, out of mind.

Just show restraint that one time, and you won’t be tested again and again every day in your home.

Exercise your greatest will power when shopping.


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