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WoW – Workout of the Week

My WoW – Workout of the Week this week is a cracking good workout, if you try it out I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Be warned, this is NOT for beginners!!

There is nothing particularly hard about this, except the pace. There are a few 60 second breaks, but otherwise, it’s just straight through for almost an hour, I have done this the last 3 days at 06:30 each morning, outside in the dark and the rain, and the sweat just pours off me, it’s great!

WoW for start of Oct 2013

Click on the image to enlarge it so you can read it!!

Print it off and take it with you, I fold my (hand scribbled) workouts up and put them in my pocket…they get trashed in the rain and sweat!

This workout uses tractor tyres, but if you don’t have any, then improvise and modify the workout to use what you do have.

Let me know what you think.


Training hard to resist aging and weakening

Some of you regular readers may have noticed a lot of recent posts related to working out, perhaps with more focus on strenuous workouts and less on the gentle workouts. This is not always the case, here on MND I talk about the need for regular gentle exercise – walking, outdoor play, an easy bike ride, a nice swim – but I also talk about the need for more strenuous exercise.

I am 43 years old. I keep myself super-fit. As a benchmark, at any time, with no warning or preparation time, I could bang out 500 push-ups in an hour and then jump up and run 20 miles. That’s a level of fitness which I maintain pretty much year round.

However, I notice that a LOT, I mean the vast majority, of people I meet in my age group, do not maintain anything like that level of fitness (in fact, most people I meet in their 20s and 30s too) and most people consider me to be rather ‘extreme’, an exercise addict and some kind of ‘fitness freak’. But if you re-read this old post from a year ago, and think about our ancestors before 15,000 years ago, they HAD to be this fit all the time, throughout their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

Mortality rates in our ancient ancestors

While there has been much discussion about ‘caveman’ not living to a ripe old age, the data is not straightforward and should be carefully analysed. Read more

Changing Body Shape – Burn off the fat, build the muscle

As stated on my website, the goal of MotherNaturesDiet is: To inspire and help as many people as possible to find the best natural way to achieve supreme good health and abundant energy.


My definition of supreme good health and abundant energy is this:


  • Free from pain, disease, immobility and any obvious illness
  • Abundant vibrant energy
  • Resisting the signs of premature aging – maintain youthful looks and energy levels
  • A good level of basic fitness, strength and flexibility
  • As a minimum, a balance of moderate physical ability across a range of functions
  • Attractiveness – clear skin, not too fat, not too thin, bright healthy looks, a fit sexy body
  • Natural virile healthy sexual function and high libido
  • Longevity – I want to live a long, healthy life, free from disease and disability
  • Age well – maintaining excellent levels of physical and mental ability well into my old age

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The MND Guide to Body Composition – free eBook

How do we know what is ‘too fat’?

How do we define ‘too thin’ at the other end of the scale?

Should men all aspire to the stereotype ‘6 pack hunk’ and are women unfairly pressured by the media to be ‘rail thin’ like catwalk models?

Is it healthier to be ‘a little chubby’ or ‘skinny as a rake’ or somewhere between the two?

Is it healthier to be ‘build like a brick outhouse’ or ‘built like a racing whippet’?

In short, what is the optimum amount of fat and the optimum amount of muscle men and women should aim for in order to achieve supreme good health and longevity.

This little book will answer those questions for you.

Download your free book here: The MND Guide to Body Composition. 2013.

A few words from the start of this little book… Read more

2000 year old advice…

“Thin people are generally the most healthy; we should not therefore indulge our appetites with delicacies or high living, for fear of growing corpulent.”

– Greek historian Plutarch (AD 46-122)

Yes folks, that interesting advice is almost 2000 years old, yet still we live in times of excess consumption, where there are more people dying from over-eating than starvation and malnutrition.

When will people learn?


“For the first time in human history, overweight people outnumber the underfed”

It’s an evening of research reading for me. I just read this excellent but rather sad and sobering summary statement:

“2013: For the first time in human history, overweight people outnumber the underfed, and obesity is widespread in wealthy and poor nations alike. The diseases that obesity makes more likely — diabetes, heart ailments, strokes, kidney failure — are rising fast across the world, and the World Health Organisation predicts that they will be the leading causes of death in all countries, even the poorest, within a couple of years. What’s more, the long-term illnesses of the overweight are far more expensive to treat than the infections and accidents for which modern health systems were designed. Obesity threatens individuals with long twilight years of sickness, and health-care systems with bankruptcy.”

This sad situation is exactly what MotherNaturesDiet aims to tackle. The human race is on a fast-track to self destruction, and no I am not being melodramatic, this is serious, this situation has been created in JUST 50 years, from when obesity was a rarity, to the largest global epidemic of our time.

Just 50 years.

Project your mind forward another 50 years, 100 years, 200 years, 500 years and tell me what future you see for humanity?

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Question everything and think differently

A friend of mine, Graham brown, whom I have known for about 15 years now, runs a great blog over at Barefoot Journal. Graham and I have worked together over the years, and we share interests in endurance sport and entrepreneurship. Graham is writing an excellent blog at Barefoot Journal and I recommend you check it out, especially the 23 slides at the top of his “What is barefoot?” page.

Graham reminded me today of this excellent quote from Jacob Bronowski:

“It  is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin, barefoot irreverence to  their studies; they are not here to worship what is known, but to question  it.”

Oh that SO resonates with how I feel about health and nutrition. This is what’s behind MotherNaturesDiet. Study, learn, read…but question everything.

There is a saying to us parents “It is important to teach our children HOW to think, not WHAT to think” and we should apply it to ourselves too!

Open minds, and open hearts, can make the world a much better, and healthier, place.


MND is not for everyone, it’s only for those few who are truly serious about their health

Hey folks, I recorded this little video today, all about why MND is not some fad diet thing, but is in fact a long term lifestyle for those committed completely to living in a state of abundant good heath for many decades. This video explains how I hope to eventually make MND into my full time career, how I hope to earn my living serving you through MotherNaturesDiet, and how this whole thing probably won’t appeal to 99% of the population.

Check out the video at

Let me know what you think, and please feel free to share with a friend if you think it will help them.

Stay healthy, stay happy!



Paleo-Reality Part 3: Why MND and The Pre-Industrial Diet offers all the answers.

Part 3 of 3.

How does MotherNaturesDiet differ from The Paleo Diet or The Primal Blueprint?

This post is a 3-part complete appraisal of how I see MotherNaturesDiet in comparison to the Paleo or Primal diet movement.

Please read...
Paleo-Reality Part 1: What’s right and wrong about paleo diets.
Paleo-Reality Part 2: Introducing The PI Diet – The Pre-Industrial Diet.
...first, these will help this to all make more sense, thanks!

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Paleo-Reality Part 2: Introducing The PI Diet – The Pre-Industrial Diet.

Part 2 of 3.

This post is a complete appraisal of how I see MotherNaturesDiet in comparison to the Paleo or Primal diet movement.

Please read Part 1 first: Paleo-Reality Part 1: What’s right and wrong about paleo diets.


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Paleo-Reality Part 1: What’s right and wrong about paleo diets.

Summary of this post:

MotherNaturesDiet is NOT ‘just another paleo diet’, copied from The Paleo Diet or The Primal Blueprint Diet.

While I truly 100% support The Paleo Diet and The Primal Blueprint, I think a lot of the people following the Paleo movement are, frankly, getting it wrong and missing the point.

I do not think we need to look back as far as The Paleolithic Era to see where things went wrong with the human diet.

MotherNaturesDiet is slowly becoming “The Pre-Industrial Diet”. I believe the Industrial Revolution is where it all went wrong. MND remains MND, but it is also ‘The PI Diet’.

This post is packed with masses of common sense thinking, explaining a few fundamental holes in ‘Paleo Diet’ logic, exploring the truth behind The Discordance Hypothesis, and looking at where so much about our modern diet really went wrong, with the mechanization and industrialization of agriculture.

Read on for more…

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AMAZING Fat Loss SECRETS!!! Wooohooo!!!


Fat loss SECRETS revealed – just go to this web page stick in your email address, so we can spam you to buy loads of supplements that you don’t need, made of synthetic crap and powdered unicorn ear lobe, full of sugar and not remotely natural, then you can download our free eBook which will reveal all these AMAZING Fat Loss Secrets!!!

Wooohooo lucky you, we are REALLY doing you a favour now…

Fat Loss SECRETS!!!! There are no frikkin’ secrets! What’s so secret? Why would it be secret? What like before we put up this webpage, no one on Earth knew how to be slim? FFS, what new secret do these people think they are revealing???

Here are the MND Fat Loss SECRETS!  Read more

Dandelion greens – FREE food from Mother Nature

Enjoy free food from Mother Nature - readily available everywhere in the UK in spring and summer, dandelion greens are nutrient-packed, higher in protein than spinach and they are easy to include in many meals.

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How does juicing fit into a paleo diet and lifestyle?

Summary of this blog post:

Answering questions from a reader -

Q: Should we take supplements and superfoods?

A: No, we should just drink freshly extracted organic vegetable juice every day.

Q: Juices and sweet fruit smoothies?

A: Yes to the juices, but go easy on the smoothies.

I recently posted a video titled “There is no such thing as superfood”

After watching this, and after some discussion, a friend of mine asked me “Do you disagree that supplementation can help compensate for the difficulty in acquiring all nutrients and anti-oxidants in modern diets? I.E. when not eating full primal?”

I recommended juicing as the only form of “supplement” that I think is worth taking and this friend eats a mostly paleo/primal diet, and as such our subsequent discussion can be broadly defined as looking at ‘is there a place for juicing and supplements in a paleo diet’ – but of course, the discussion is of interest to anyone who cares about living a healthy lifestyle.

Read on for this Q&A discussion in full.

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Combat cancer naturally with MotherNaturesDiet

The 12 Core Principles of MotherNaturesDiet helps you to eliminate from your diet those unhealthy foods that some researchers claim are contributing to cancer.

Check the ‘Core Principles’ page to remind yourself of the 12 Core Principles and how to eliminate these undesirable foods from your diet.

Reaction to PaleoFantasy Book #2

I am still reading Paleofantasy, a new book which aims to disprove much of the core beliefs of the paleo movement. This is my second video about this book.

The book is not shaping up to be what I thought it might be, I don’t find the arguments against paleo nutrition very convincing, but it is interesting reading all the same.

I do not present MotherNaturesDiet as ‘a paleo diet’ strictly, though we do follow broadly the same principles. However, as I explain in this video (link below), I actually think many in the paleo community are missing the point somewhat, as I don’t think we need to go all the way back to the paleolithic period to find what is wrong with our modern diet. I actually think we only have to go back to the Industrial Revolution to find the source of most of our biggest health and nutrition problems.

I see MotherNaturesDiet as a pre-Industrial Revolution diet, ‘The PI Diet’ more than just another paleo diet.

Watch this little video to learn more.



Reaction to PaleoFantasy Book #1

I have started reading Paleofantasy, a new book which aims to disprove much of the core beliefs of the paleo movement.

MotherNaturesDiet is not strictly ‘a paleo diet’, but we do follow broadly the same principles, and MND has certainly been formed from my own ‘caveman thinking’ and the influence of Mark Sisson, Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf, among others.

As I read this book, I will video blog by thoughts, here is the first video.



Health warnings on foods containing sugar and artificial additives

Summary of this post:
• It took 40 years from when health warnings started to appear on packs of cigarettes, for lung cancer rates to start declining.
• Despite the known harmful effects, an alarming 1.3 billion people worldwide still smoke.
• Despite 2 decades of promoting ‘5-a-day’ less than 40% of the population of the UK actually eat 5 portions of fruit and veg per day.
• If health warnings appeared on foods containing refined sugar and chemical additives now, it would likely take 40 years to arrest the present rise in obesity, diabetes and CHD.
• The only way to good health in our lifetimes, is to take personal responsibility NOW.

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Focus on what really matters

If we accept that the broad purpose of 'charity' at a worldwide scale, is to save lives and reduce pain and suffering, then we are at a time when we need to drastically reconsider how we are directing the help we give.

At the end of 2012, there were approximately 905 million undernourished people on the planet. That number is slowly shrinking, by approximately 1 person every 5 seconds. That's 6 million less starving people every year. If we continue at that pace, and if global warming, changing climate patterns and fossil fuel shortages don't cause any new problems greater than they already create today, then in 150 years there will be no more starving people on this planet.

A planet of two halves - too little and too much

But, right here, right now, worldwide 10.7 million people will have died of hunger in the last year.

There are also 1,567 million overweight people on the planet. 522 million of them are obese. Yes, there are more than half a BILLION obese people on Earth.

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Rant – the straight facts

I don’t like to use my blog to rant, but sometimes I feel the need, and it is, after all, MY blog. If I rant and no one comes here anymore to read it, then I learn something. If I rant and lots of people come and read it, then you learn something. Either way, it’s progress.

I never rant at any individual personally, but some days I get wound up, people say things to me and no matter how much I try to help, they just don't seem to listen to common sense. So I feel like ranting today.

I’ve been writing this blog for over half a year now. I’ve been learning about health and nutrition and healthy eating for many years. I spent 20 years being mostly unhealthy. I spent almost a decade trying to get things right, but failing. I have finally spent the last 7 years getting it right. I went from 20 years as an over-weight smoker, a BMI that said I was obese, years of pretty heavy drinking, to a lean, slim, healthy, marathon running fitness freak.

School of life

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Is Free Range Meat Expensive?

I am often asked about the cost of free-range, outdoor-reared, organic meat. Many people question if it costs too much to eat the MND way.

I admit that some organic food is expensive, and some free range meat is expensive, but honestly, personally, I think the investment in my health is worth it. I buy food that nourishes my body, I know the animals have been treated properly, with some dignity and respect, and I know the life of that animal, and hence the food I am eating, has been lived more in tune with nature.

The picture shows a lunch I cooked last week. Pork and greens, quick, simple, yummy. I put a drizzle of olive oil in the pan, chopped up a leek first and threw that in, then I chopped up my pork tenderloin, threw that in, then a handful of kale chopped up (I keep telling you I eat either kale or broccoli every day of my life, often both, often multiple times! I had kale in all my meals the day I made this!)

Quick and cheap, for my main meal of the day

This took less than 5 mins to prepare, and max 5 mins to cook.

My pork tenderloin weighed 395 grams raw (about a pound) it cost just £3.65

So this lunch cost about £4 quid in total, and it was tasty, natural and nutritious. I sprinkled on some black pepper and a sprig of parsley, easy, quick, tasty. No additives. No chemicals...there was even some free mud on my kale. Perfect, I didn't even wash it off.

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Drinking bleach…and other bright ideas…


Today I was thinking, most of the poor health habits that most people engage in, do not have immediacy in the link between cause and effect. There is a crucial disconnect – time.

So some actions that are bad for you, link cause and effect with immediacy. For example, how about stabbing yourself in the arm with a sharp knife. There is an immediate time-connection between the action and the result, the cause and the effect. As you stick the knife in your skin, there is instant pain, then bleeding, then the more you push it in, the more pain, as muscles are cut, and nerves, and down to bone…yeah, you get the message, you’d stop pretty quick right?

Similarly, drinking a bottle of bleach. There is immediacy, an instant connection between the action (cause) and the result (effect). You start drinking, it tastes disgusting, you gag, as you drink, you will start vomiting almost immediately, as your body instantly recognises that it is poison and tries to eject it as fast as possible, to stop it getting any further inside you. Your body knows how bad it is for you, and tries to immediately get it out, violently and rapidly. (Notice any similarity with alcohol?)

So people (most people) don’t purposefully stab themselves with sharp knives or drink a bottle of bleach very often, because they know that there is an instant connection between doing these stupid things and feeling pain and ill-health.

But what if the reaction is somewhat slower?

But there are many less dramatic things that many of us do almost every day, that have a detrimental effect on our health, but the effect lacks immediacy, so we do not see the connection in the same way.

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RANT – good health is SO SIMPLE!

I have spent this evening, as I spend many evenings, researching a variety of health related topics. I have been watching a number of videos and reading a few books, all written by or featuring well-qualified and well-respected doctors and scientists. They are all driving me crazy!!

I know I still have a lot to learn, about human biology, about physiology, nutrition, medicine, blood, muscles, food, nature...I will spend my life learning and I am sure I will never know it all. But really, if one more person says that healthcare “stands at the door of a new era” or “we face a paradigm shift in our understanding of human health” or “years of research into human genomics is helping us to unlock the secrets” then I will scream...oh really come ON people!

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My Stats and Blood Test Results – Science Warning!

For any of you who are regular readers of this blog, you will know by now that MotherNaturesDiet is not just another weight-loss fad diet, and it's not just another 'build-a-6-pack' exercise program.

MotherNaturesDiet is a lifestyle, a way to live for supreme good health, abundant energy and healthy longevity. MND is about eating a healthy natural diet, using and moving your body in a variety of healthy ways, it's about getting back in tune with nature and respecting our planet and the other creatures we share it with.

How do we measure 'Good Health'?

MND is about natural good health, and I feel very healthy, but how can I be sure that I AM healthy? There are many ways to measure our health, so I am trying to build a good overall picture of how healthy I really am at the end of 20912 and the start of 2013, after living the MND way for the last year.

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Controversial Rant – The Diet Industry is ONE BIG CON!!!

Some days I get REALLY annoyed about the whole 'diet industry', it makes me so angry that there is so much misinformation out there. I was looking at another nutrition training course the other day, costing a couple of thousand dollars, and selling itself as ‘cutting edge’ and ‘representing the new paradigm’ in diet and nutrition. This drives me crazy, really, there is NO cutting edge, NO new paradigm, there are no ‘amazing secrets’ or ‘miracle cures’...this is all just marketing speak to get you to buy diet books, supplements, powders, potions and fad exercise equipment.

I get so frustrated – we shouldn’t be looking for ‘the cutting edge’, or ‘the latest thing’, there is no ‘21st century solution’, in fact I would say the majority of the human population has never been so malnourished as they are now, they – WE – have never eaten so badly as we do now...yet at the same time, more humans eat more calories than ever. People are stuffed and fat, but malnourished at the same time, and hence suffering from such a wide array of health complaints, diseases and physical malfunction.

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Sugar is Public Enemy #1 – stop blaming meat and fat!

A friend of mine shared this link with me this morning:
Just read the article, it's pretty clear, even though the smart ones among us have known for years that refined sugar is bad news, here is yet more evidence, but will anyone listen?

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Horse meat in our food supply – why you only have yourself to blame, Joe Public

I have been avoiding writing about this horse meat scandal in the UK, but I can’t keep quiet about it any longer.

I am not the only nor the first to voice the broad opinion that ‘you the people wanted cheap food, you wanted to be able to buy a microwave dinner for 99p, you wanted a whole box of frozen burgers for just £1.99, what the hell did you think you were getting? Did you relay expect high food safety and quality standards when you were demanding such ridiculously cheap goods?’ I want to say ‘Shut up and quit complaining, you get what you pay for in life.’ But that doesn’t say enough, to state it like that sounds aggressive and ignorant, when perhaps ignorance is the problem in the first place, so this needs a little more explanation.

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The 3 major problems with most ‘diets’ and health ‘experts’

I think that most ‘experts’ in health, diet and nutrition are well-intentioned, but many are making the whole healthy lifestyle thing more complicated than it needs to be.

As you can imagine, with my passionate personal interest in all things to do with health, nutrition, food and longevity, I read a LOT of books, blogs, articles and magazines, and I listen to many hours of videos, presentations and seminars on health related topics. I have to say, the vast majority of the material I read and listen to, fails to win my complete support because of any one or more of these 3 most common problems.

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We wouldn’t feed pizza to a rhino, so why are we feeding it to our children?

Think about the so-called food available to us today.

Imagine you are visiting the zoo, and you see the zoo keepers feeding the animals. They put the food out for the big rhino, buckets of roughly chopped up vegetables, perhaps some pieces of fruit, and all seems well. During a demonstration talk, the keeper offers the rhino a jam doughnut as he cracks some joke about "even this big guy likes a treat each day" and most of the spectators laugh as the rhino eagerly gobbles down the doughnut. A few people would quietly be thinking 'you shouldn't give things like that to an animal, it's cruel' but they don't say anything, they keep their opinions to themselves for fear of appearing to be an extremist.

But now let's say things are different, let's picture a different scenario. Imagine if our rhino is kept in his muddy, grassy enclosure and fed bucket loads of pizza, burgers, chips, pies, pastries, cakes, ice cream, chocolate bars and biscuits. Every day the public visit this zoo and watch the keepers fill our rhino's drinking trough with cola or beer or milkshake, and the ground of his enclosure is littered with chewing gum, pizza crusts, cheese sandwiches and cookies. What would the vast majority of zoo visitors say then?

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KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid!

You know, everyone wants to try to over-complicate this whole health and weight loss thing, but in my opinion, that just isn't necessary.

I often feel sorry for ordinary folks trying hard to lose weight and be healthy, but stuck in the quagmire of books, diet programs, conflicting advice, confusing messages, and so on. Of course, all these celebrities, doctors, publishers, companies (who make supplements) all offer their big complex 'solutions' because they are trying to make money - diet books sell, supplements sell, pills that promise to increase the rate at which you burn fat, sell.

The truth is, in my opinion, that 99% of all that stuff is just not necessary.

Caveman didn't need a 'diet system' to be healthy

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Moving this blog to a new home

When I set up, about 9 months ago, it was my first blog ever, and I knew nothing about blogging, so I was just learning as I went along. I thought a blog, was a blog, was a blog, and I was not aware of the massive differences between the different blogging sites and the software they use.

It turns out, I picked a rubbish place to start, and that's why this site is so ugly!! I have learned since then, and I recently built a new site at using WordPress, and it is SO much nicer and SO much more professional, the new site looks clean and smart, so I am going to now totally start again with and create this over on WordPress too.

I have registered on WordPress, and I will start building there. Once I have moved the whole thing over, then I will redirect this domain name to point at the new site, so eventually (and this could take easily 6 weeks or more to complete) then both domain names will all end up in the same place, and this ghastly green mess can be closed down!

So I won't be posting much over the coming weeks, sorry, but there is already about 100,000 words on here, and the more I add, the more I will have to then move to the new site, so it makes sense to stop adding here, and just get "settled into my new home" so to speak then start again.

Making MND my permanent lifestyle

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2012 in Review, 2013 The Year Ahead

Happy New Year to you all!

New Year’s Day seems like a good day for me to assess where I am and how I’m doing.

I have lived on MotherNaturesDiet for most of 2012. I was formulating the rules during the first half of 2012, and living by them fully in the second half of the year.

My aims since the start have been to live on an all-natural diet, adhering to my 12 Core Principles, and it has always been my hope that living this way will prove that this is the best, healthiest way to live, eat and exercise, and that living on MND will help me achieve my best health and best shape ever.

So how am I doing?

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Running Marathons and Goal Setting

Today’s picture is from April 2011, I was running in the Exmoor trail marathon (a CTS event run by EnduranceLife – excellent events, I can thoroughly recommend them) and I finished 1st in ‘Male Veterans’ and 9th overall, with a finish time of 4 hours 40 minutes and 59 seconds. The course was approximately 27.1 miles and included well over 5000 feet of ascent, including one very big, long, steep climb just 5 miles from the end, which was torture on tired legs.

This time of year, with New Year just around the corner, I always spend time thinking about goals and challenges. I ran a lot of marathons in 2011, that year my fitness was one of my big goals and I pushed it to an all-time high. As well as a ‘first-place-in-age-group’ marathon finish, I ran a sub 3:15 road marathon in Copenhagen, aged 40, I ran a 10k PB of exactly 42 mins, I completed the National 3 Peaks Challenge inside 24 hours, I completed 1014 good-form clean push-ups in 1 hour and I cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End in 9 days, a total of 963 miles. I certainly was ‘fit’ in the sense of cardio-vascular performance and the mental attitude for endurance sport.

Broader goals

As regular readers of this blog will know...

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Road kill and nettle soup

In the process of creating MotherNaturesDiet, I had 'lofty visions' of things I would do, or at least try, in my pursuit of natural healthy living and designing the best possible healthy diet.

I had hoped that I would find time to try living off the land a little spring and summer foraging for fruits, nuts, seeds, berries, edible roots, plants, flowers and anything else edible in the natural world around me. I had hoped to spend more time learning about which fruits and vegetables are natural to Northern Europe where I live, to learn more about being local and seasonal. I had hoped to spend more time tracking my waste and costs, I want to see how eating only organic, fresh, local, natural, REAL food has reduced the amount of waste I produce from packaging.

There is no 'fail'

But the fact that I have not yet done these things is not to say that in any way I have 'failed'. (I do have a tendency to be harsh on myself!)

I have always had clear goals for MND.

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Controversial Rant #2: The latest FAD Diet book or “diet system”…

You know, one thing that REALLY bugs me is the over-complication of food, the over-science-ification of nutrition. Where scientists and nutritionists and doctors are trying to help us get to the truth then I applaud them, but I find WAY TOO MANY commercial interests even among seemingly open folks.

Some of my heroes
•I love the work of Mark Sissons - but he sells supplements.
•I love Dr Mercola - but he sells supplements.
•I love Charles Poliquin - but he sells supplements.
•I love Dr Robert Young – but he sells treatments and supplements and chemical products.

And so it goes on...and once these folks have products to sell, particularly supplements, it becomes SO hard to separate opinion and science and facts, from their commercial interests.

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Drop a dress size

Yay!! I just received an email from Helen, one of our readers, and she has been following this blog for the last 4 weeks and following my 12 Core Principles roughly 80/20…and she’s down a dress size already!

Way to go Helen! Congrats! 🙂

Britain’s widening waistline

Holiday treats and the changing acceptable standards of Britain’s waistlines.

August 2012: OK, OK, I had an ice cream! Damn, what a confession!! I am on holiday, and I have to make the best of the shops that are available, and I have to treat my kids like normal kids, and that means going to the beach and buying ice creams! Normally, I don’t partake myself, but I did today and it was very yummy!! Oh well...just one sin...

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Living the MND way – 42 yrs old Today!

Hey!! It's my birthday! I'm 42 years old today!

As from today, I am 'officially' living by my 12 Core Principles completely now. I have pretty much been living this way for a the last 6 to 9 months anyway, but now I am being more strict.

What you can measure, you can manage

That old business saying is true, you can only manage what you measure, so I think the best way to start is with a full set of my stats, as follows:
•Age: 42
•Height: 6 ft 1 in (186 cm)

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