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Finding healthy food options away from home

One of the hardest things about ‘being on a specific diet’ is eating out. We all know that it is easier to eat right at home, when all you need is in the fridge or the cupboard, but when you are out, it can be a real challenge. As a parent of young children, when we take them for day’s out, I often find myself in places where the food choices available are poor, terrible or worse.

MotherNaturesDiet is all about simplicity, and it’s a lifestyle not a temporary eating pattern, but all the same, finding suitable food choices out and about can still be a challenge. On a recent day out with my family, I took boxed chicken and egg salad and it was great. I had 1 whole large chicken breast and 1 egg, in a lunch box full of green salad. The chicken is free range, organic, eggs the same, and I threw a handful of sprouted black-eyed peas on top.

This was natural, healthy, nutritious and tasty and filled me up for hours. Excuse the poor pic, it was raining and I was getting funny looks from the next picnic table along, for photographing my salad!! 🙂